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olh'ó videoclipe f'esquinho! #25

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power trio

Nate Young (+ Tropa Macaca) @ ZdB (13.04.2012)


And So I Watch You From Afar (+ O Bisonte) @ Plano B (18.04.2012)

"Gang (Starting Never Stopping)"
"A Little Bit of Solidarity Goes a Long Way"
"Think:Breathe:Destroy" + "D Is for Django the Bastard" + "S Is for Salamander"

Russian Circles + Deafheaven @ MusicBox (13.05.2012)


"Exit: Denied"

Russian Circles


olh'ó videoclipe (mais ou menos) f'esquinho! #24

+ "Drunken Birds"

title tk #24

Royal Thunder - "CVI" (22.05.2012, Relapse)
1. "Parsonz Curse"
2. "Whispering World"
3. "Shake and Shift"
4. "No Good"
5. "Blue"
6. "Sleeping Witch"
7. "South of Somewhere"
8. "Drown"
9. "Minus"
10. "Black Water Vision"

Doseone - "G Is for Deep" (29.05.2012, Anticon)
1. "Dancing X"
2. "Last Life"
3. "I Fell"
4. "Thy Pattern"
5. "Therapist This"
6. "End&Egg"
7. "OwlShark"
8. "SEE Answer"
9. "Arm in Armageddon"
10. "The Bends"

The Walkmen - "Heaven" (29.05.2012, Fat Possum/Bella Union)
1. We Can't Be Beat
2. Love Is Luck
3. Heartbreaker
4. The Witch
5. Southern Heart
6. Line by Line
7. Song for Leigh
8. Nightingales
9. Jerry Jr.'s Tune
10. The Love You Love
11. Heaven
12. No One Ever Sleeps
13. Dreamboat

Liars - "WIXIW" (05.06.2012, Mute)
1. "The Exact Colour of Doubt"
2. "Octagon"
3. "No.1 Against the Rush"
4. "A Ring on Every Finger"
5. "III Valley Prodigies"
6. "WIXIW"
7. "His and Mine Sensations"
8. "Flood to Flood"
9. "Who Is the Hunter"
10. "Brats"
11. "Annual Moon Words"
Trailer 1
Trailer 2

Future of the Left - "The Plot Against Common Sense" (11.06.2012, Xtra Mile Recordings)
1. sheena is a t-shirt salesman
2. failed olympic bid
3. beneath the waves an ocean
4. cosmo's ladder
5. city of exploded children
6. goals in slow motion
7. camp cappuccino
8. polymers are forever
9. robocop 4 - fuck off robocop
10. sorry dad, i was late for the riots
11. i am the least of your problems
12. a guide to men
13. anchor
14. rubber animals
15. notes on achieving orbit

Maxïmo Park - "The National Health" (11.06.2012, V2/Coop)
1. "When I Was Wild"
2. "The National Health"
3. "Hips and Lips"
4. "The Undercurrents"
5. "Write This Down"
6. "Reluctant Love"
7. "Until the Earth Would Open"
8. "Banlieue"
9. "This Is What Becomes of the Broken Hearted"
10. "Wolf Among Men"
11. "Take Me Home"
12. "Unfamiliar Places"
13. "Waves of Fear"

Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till & Wino - "Songs of Townes Van Zandt" (12.06.2012, My Proud Mountain/Neurot)
1. "If I Needed You" [Steve Von Till]
2. "St. John the Gambler" [Scott Kelly]
3. "Black Crow Blues" [Steve Von Till]
4. "Lungs" [Scott Kelly]
5. "Rake" [Wino]
6. "The Snake Song" [Steve Von Till]
7. "Nothing" [Wino]
8. "Tecumseh Valley" [Scott Kelly]
9. "A Song For" [Wino]

Witch Mountain - "Cauldron of the Wild" (12.06.2012, Profound Lore)
1. "The Ballad of Lanky Rae"
2. "Beekeeper"
3. "Shelter"
4. "Veil of the Forgotten"
5. "Aurelia"
6. "Never Know"

Burning Love - "Rotten Thing to Say" (19.06.2012, Southern Lord)
1. "No Love"
2. "Karla"
3. "Superstitious Friend"
4. "The Body"
5. "Made Out of Apes"
6. "12:31"
7. "Hateful Comforts"
8. "Tremors"
9. "Damage Case"
10. "Pig City I"
11. "Pig City II"
12. "Broken Glass"

Fiona Apple - "The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords will serve you more than Ropes will ever do" (19.06.2012, Epic)
1. "Every Single Night"
2. "Daredevil"
3. "Valentine"
4. "Jonathan"
5. "Left Alone"
6. "Werewolf"
7. "Periphery"
8. "Regret"
9. "Anything We Want"
10. "Hot Knife"

Bosse-de-Nage - "III" (26.06.2012, Profound Lore)
1. "The Arborist"
2. "Desuetude"
3. "Perceive There A Silence"
4. "Cells"
5. "The God Ennui"
6. "An Ideal Ledge"
Site oficial

Old Man Gloom - "NO" (26.06.2012, Hydra Head)
1. "Grand Inversion"
2. "Common Species"
3. "RegainRejoin"
4. "To Carry the Flame"
5. "The Forking Path"
6. "Shadowed Hand"
7. "Rats"
8. "Crescent"
9. "Shuddering Earth"

Baroness - "Yellow & Green" (16.07.2012, Relapse)
Disc 1:
1. "Yellow Theme"
2. "Take My Bones Away"
3. "March to the Sea"
4. "Little Things"
5. "Twinkler"
6. "Cocainium"
7. "Back Where I Belong"
8. "Sea Lungs"
9. "Eula"
Disc 2:
1. "Green Theme"
2. "Board Up the House"
3. "Mtns. (The Crown & Anchor)"
4. "Foolsong"
5. "Collapse"
6. "Psalms Alive"
7. "Stretchmarker"
8. "The Line Between"
9. "If I Forget Thee, Lowcountry"

Family Band - "Grace & Lies" (24.07.2012, No Quarter)
1. "Night Song"
2. "Lace"
3. "Moonbeams"
4. "Ride"
5. "Your Name"
6. "Again"
7. "Grace & Lies"
8. "Keeper"
9. "Rest"

OM - "Advaitic Songs" (24.07.2012, Drag City)
1. "Addis"
2. "State of Non-Return"
3. "Gethsemane"
4. "Sinai"
5. "Haqq al-Yaqin"

Passion Pit - "Gossamer" (24.07.2012, Columbia)
1. "Take a Walk"
2. "I'll Be Alright"
3. "Carried Away"
4. "Constant Conversations"
5. "Mirrored Sea"
6. "Cry Like a Ghost"
7. "On My Way"
8. "Hideaway"
9. "Two Veils to Hide My Face"
10. "Love Is Greed"
11. "Its Not My Fault I'm Happy"
12. "Where We Belong"

Gaza - "No Absolutes in Human Suffering" (31.07.2012, Blackmarket Activities) (sem imagem)
1. "Mostly Hair and Bones Now"
2. "This We Celebrate"
3. "The Truth Weighs Nothing"
4. "Not With All The Hope In The World"
5. "The Vipers"
6. "No Absolutes In Human Suffering"
7. "The Crown"
8. "When They Beg"
9. "Winter In Her Blood"
10. "Skull Trophy"
11. "Routine And Then Death"

hoje há...

olh'ó videoclipe f'esquinho! #23

e por falar em entrevistas...

Estava a guardá-las para um dia chuvoso. Mas como já se viu que isto, para dias chuvosos, está de chuva, aqui estão elas. Sacado do fundo da minha arca de tesourinhos virtuais (aka lista de bookmarks), um lote de belíssimas entrevistas. Para ler com tempo e atenção:

Ian MacKaye, o semi-deus (via Pitchfork)

Para todos aqueles que conseguem ainda não estar saturados do debate Tr00 vs. Non-Tr00, fica uma conversa com o Triple H, dos Liturgy, e George Clarke, dos Deafheaven (via Pitchfork)

John Dyer Baizley, o senhor da Baronesa e dos belíssimos artworks (via Invisible Oranges)

Locrian & Mamiffer, pelo enorme Eugene Robinson (via BrooklynVegan) (na foto)

Pelican, pelo Mike Hill dos Tombs (via BrooklynVegan)

ainda sobre super-bandas

Andava eu contentíssima da vida, que tinha já arrumado, ainda que temporariamente, a temática das super-bandas, e, eis senão quando, os vegans de Brooklyn me alertam para estes Black God.
Desta feita, o ramalhete é composto por Ryan Patterson (de Black Cross e Coliseum), Nick Thieneman (de Breather Resist e Young Widows), Rob Pennington (de Black Cross, Endpoint e By the Grace of God) e Ben Sears (de Mountain Asleep).
A coisa vem a propósito da edição do segundo sete-polegadas da banda, cujo streaming roda em exclusivo por aqueles lados - acompanhado da entrevistazinha da praxe. Já o primeiro sete-polegadas pode ser aferido na íntegra no Bandcamp dos Black God. E são ambos tão bons, digo eu.

on ancient cross-cultural theological anthropology

Curioso que ande, justamente agora, a ler o "Damned" do Chuck Palahniuk. A páginas tantas, no capítulo quarto, diz-se o seguinte:

«That's when I think I see you, Satan. A towering figure steps out of the darkness, striding down alongside a distant row of cages. At least three times as tall as any human being cowering within the bars, the figure drags a forked tail which grows from the base of his spine. His skin sparkles with fish scales. Great black-leather wings sprout from between his shoulder blades - real leather, not like Babette's shabby, fake Manolo Blahniks - and thick horns of bone burst through the scaly surface of his bald pate.
The horned figure stops beside a cage wherein a mortal man cowers and screams wearing the frayed, sullied uniform of some football team. With jagged eagle talons instead of hands, the horned figure flips the lock on the man's cage, reaches in, and snatches about in the small space while the screaming football man dodges and evades being caught.
A voice says, "That's not Satan." From a nearby cell, a teenage boy calls, "That was Ahriman, just a demon of the Iranian desert."»

Se calhar, Jenks Miller também anda a ler o "Damned".

Se calhar, "Half Blood" vai ter uma faixa intitulada Psezpolnica.
E mais não sei, porque ainda só vou na página 92.

Para quem quiser saber mais acerca de Ahriman, o demónio, Palahniuk elucida:

«Ahriman, he explains, is nothing more than a deposed deity native to ancient Persian culture. He was the twin of Ohrmazd, born of the god Zurvan the Creator. Ahriman is responsible for poison, drought, famine, scorpions, mostly stereotypical desert stuff. His own son is Zohak and has venomous snakes which grow from the skin of his shoulders.»

olh'ó videoclipe f'esquinho! #22

title tk #23

Laia - "Sogra" (19.03.2012, edição de autor)
1. "Encomendação das Almas"
2. "Arraial Montado"
3. "Bola"
4. "Chão"
5. "Sacuda-se Que a Manga Deixa"
6. "Lodo"
7. "Ninfa"
8. "Benjamim e Tu"
9. "Lembra-me Um Sonho Lindo"
10. "O Sol Que Nunca Se Põe"
11. "Lazabila"

s / s / s - "Beak & Claw" (20.03.2012, Anticon)
1. "Museum Day"
2. "Beyond Any Doubt"
3. "If This Is Real"
4. "Octomom"

Split Cranium - "Split Cranium" (20.03.2012, Hydra Head)
1. "Little Brother"
2. "Tiny Me"
3. "The Crevice Within"
4. "Blossoms from Boils"
5. "Sceptres to Rust"
6. "Black Binding Plague"
7. "Yellow Mountain"
8. "Retrace the Circle"

Black Breath - "Sentenced to Life" (27.03.2012, Southern Lord)
1. "Feast of the Damned"
2. "Sentenced to Life"
3. "Forced Into Possession"
4. "Home of the Grave"
5. "Endless Corpse"
6. "Mother Abyss"
7. "Of Flesh"
8. "Doomed"
9. "The Flame"
10. "Obey"

High on Fire - "De Vermis Mysteriis" (03.04.2012, eOne)
1. "Serums of Liao"
2. "Bloody Knuckles"
3. "Fertile Green"
4. "Madness of an Architect"
5. "Samsara"
6. "Spiritual Rites"
7. "King of Days"
8. "De Vermis Mysteriis"
9. "Romulus and Remus"
10. "Warhorn"

Graf Orlock - "Los Angeles" (10.04.2012, Vitriol)
1. "Dead Man Talking"
2. "No Attachments"
3. "Couples Seeking Comfort/No Point"
4. "Quick on the Trigger"

Maps & Atlases - "Beware and Be Grateful" (16.04.2012, Barsuk)
1. "Old & Gray"
2. "Fever"
3. "Winter"
4. "Remote & Dark Years"
5. "Silver Self"
6. "Vampires"
7. "Be Three Years Old"
8. "Bugs"
9. "Old Ash"
10. "Important"

Mares of Thrace - "The Pilgrimage" (24.04.2012, Sonic Unyon)
1. "Act I: David Glimpses Bathsheba"
2. "The Pragmatist"
3. "The Gallwasp"
4. "The Perpetrator"
5. "Act II: Bathsheba's Reply to David"
6. "Triple B"
7. "The Goat Thief"
8. "Act III: A Curse Falls on the House of David"
9. "The Three-Legged Courtesan..."
10. "... And the Bird Surgeon"

Suckers - "Candy Salad" (24.04.2012, Frenchkiss)
1. "Going Nowhere"
2. "Figure It Out"
3. "Bricks to the Bones"
4. "Chinese Braille
5. "Leave the Light On"
6. "Charmaine"
7. "George
8. "Turn on the Sunshine
9. "Lydia
10. "Roses"

Saint Vitus - "Lillie: F-65" (27.04.2012, Season of Mist)
1. "Let Them Fall"
2. "The Bleeding Ground"
3. "Vertigo"
4. "Blessed Night"
5. "The Waste Of Time"
6. "Dependence"
7. "Withdrawal"

JK Flesh - "Posthuman" (30.04.2012, 3by3)
1. "Knuckledragger"
2. "Idle Hands"
3. "Punchdrunk Devoured"
4. "Posthuman"
5. "Earthmover Dogmatic"
6. "Underfoot"
7. "Walk Away"

Horseback - "On the Eclipse" (04.2012, Brutal Panda)
1. "On the Eclipse"
2. "Broken Orb"

Marriages - "Kitsune" (01.05.2012, Sargent House)
1. "Ride in My Place"
2. "Body of Shade"
3. "Ten Tiny Fingers"
4. "Pelt"
5. "White Shape"
6. "Part the Dark Again"

Nate Hall - "A Great River" (07.05.2012, Neurot)
1. "The Earth in One Cell"
2. "Dark Star"
3. "Kathleen"
4. "Night Theme"
5. "Chains"
6. "To Wake and Dream"
7. "Raw Chords"
8. "Electric Night Theme"
9. "When the Stars Begin to Fall"
10. "A Great River"

Moss Icon - "Discography" (08.05.2012, Temporary Residence Ltd.)
1. "Mirror"
2. "I'm Back Sleeping, or Fucking, or Something"
3. "Divinity Cove"
4. "Locket"
5. "As Afterwards the Words Still Ring"
6. "Lyburnum - Wit's End (Liberation Fly)"
7. "Cricketty Rise (Haverton Roads - Browns And Greens)"
8. "Happy (Unbounded Glory)"
9. "The Life"
10. "Kick the Can"
11. "Memorial"
12. "Moth"
13. "Guatemala"
14. "Gravity"
15. "As Afterwards, the Words Still Ring"
16. "Familiar Presides"
17. "Hate In Me"
18. "What They Lack"
19. "Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die"

OFF! - "OFF!" (08.05.2012, Vice)
1. "Wiped Out"
2. "I Got News For You"
3. "Elimination"
4. "Cracked"
5. "Wrong"
6. "Borrow and Bomb"
7. "Toxic Box"
8. "Man From Nowhere"
9. "Jet Black Girls"
10. "King Kong Brigade"
11. "Harbor Freeway Blues"
12. "Feelings Are Meant to Be Hurt"
13. "Vaporized"
14. "503"
15. "Zero for Conduct"
16. "I Need One (I Want One)"

Plankton Wat - "Spirits" (15.05.2012, Thrill Jockey)
1. "Evening Sky"
2. "Spirits"
3. "Cape Meares"
4. "Fabric of Life"
5. "Broken Slumber"
6. "Islands"
7. "Orange Clouds"
8. "Portland & Western Cross"
9. "Vista"
10. "Stream of Light"

Mount Eerie - "Clear Moon" (22.05.2012, P.W. Elverum & Sun)
1. "Through the Trees pt. 2"
2. "The Place Lives"
3. "The Place I Live"
4. "(something)"
5. "Lone Bell"
6. "House Shape"
7. "Over Dark Water"
8. "(something)"
9. "Clear Moon"
10. "Yawning Sky"
11. "(synthesizer)"
Site oficial

Sun Kil Moon - "Among the Leaves" (29.05.2012, Caldo Verde)
1. "I Know It's Pathetic but That Was the Greatest Night of My Life"
2. "Sunshine in Chicago"
3. "The Moderately Talented Yet Attractive Young Woman vs. The Exceptionally Talented Yet Not So Attractive Middle Aged Man"
4. "That Bird Has a Broken Wing"
5. "Elaine"
6. "The Winery"
7. "Young Love"
8. "Song For Richard Collopy"
9. "Among the Leaves"
10. "Red Poison"
11. "Track Number 8"
12. "Not Much Rhymes With Everything's Awesome at All Times"
13. "King Fish"
14. "Lonely Mountain"
15. "UK Blues"
16. "UK Blues 2"
17. "Black Kite"
Bonus disc:
1. "Among the Leaves (Alt. version)"
2. "The Moderately Talented Young Woman (Alt. version)"
3. "That Bird Has a Broken Wing (Live)"
4. "UK Blues (Live)"
5. "Black Kite (Live)"

Crocodiles - "Endless Flowers" (04.06.2012, Frenchkiss) (sem imagem)
1. "Endless Flowers"
2. "Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)"
3. "No Black Clouds for Dee Dee"
4. "Electric Death Song"
5. "Hung Up on a Flower"
6. "My Surfing Lucifer"
7. "Dark Alleys"
8. "Bubblegum Trash"
9. "Welcome Trouble"
10. "You Are Forgiven"

The Melvins - "Freak Puke" (05.06.2012, Ipecac)
1. "Mr. Rip Off"
2. "Inner Ear Rupture"
3. "Baby, Won't You Weird Me Out"
4. "Worm Farm Walt"
5. "A Growing Disgust"
6. "Leon vs. the Revolution"
7. "Holy Barbarians"
8. "Freak Puke"
9. "Let Me Roll It"
10. "Tommy Goes Berserk"

Eternal Tapestry - "Dawn in 2 Dimensions" (12.06.2012, Thrill Jockey)
1. "Wholeodome"
2. "Bread of Dreams"
3. "Marrow of the Wand"
4. "I.S.F.S. > Dawn in 2 Dimensions > Quantum Leap"

Mike Scheidt - "Stay Awake" (12.06.2012, Thrill Jockey)
1. "When Time Forgets Time"
2. "Until the End of Everything"
3. "In Your Light"
4. "The Price"
5. "Breathe"
6. "Stay Awake"

é um pássaro?... é um avião?... não! são as super-bandas! - pt. 2

Segunda e última ronda. Mais uma moedinha, mais quatro super-bandinhas:


Quem são os ilustres? Keith Morris, membro fundador dos Black Flag e de Circle Jerks (bem como de Midget Handjob e Bug Lamp); Dimitri Coats dos Burning Brides; Mario Rubalcaba de Earthless, Hot Snakes, Rocket From the Crypt, Clikitat Ikatowi, entre outros; e Steven McDonald dos The Tourists/Redd Kross, Sparks, etc. e tal.
"Ah e tal, sou famoso e toco em bandas espetaculares"... E o que é que eu tenho a ver com isso?! Numa altura em que o punk e o hardcore de boa memória parecem ganhar novo fôlego, é bom saber que os velhadas da old school continuam vivos e de boa saúde.
Há disco e/ou amostrinhas? "First Four EPs" (2010, Vice) colige (com certeza que adivinharam) os quatro primeiros EPs da banda, e "OFF!", o primeiro verdadeiro LP, tem o parto marcado para 8 de Maio, também pela mão da Vice. Amostras disponíveis no SoundCloud e MySpace. E muitos videozinhos no Tubo.
E links, já agora? Para além dos supra, site oficial aqui e Facebook aqui.

Serpentine Path

Quem são os ilustres? Ryan Lipynsky, Darren Verni e Jay Newman, todos dos Unearthly Trance; e Tim Bagshaw dos Ramesses e ex-Electric Wizard.
"Ah e tal, sou famoso e toco em bandas espetaculares"... E o que é que eu tenho a ver com isso?! Doom as fvck! E aquela voz. É como esfolar os joelhos até ao osso num chão de gravilha. Como escorregar num corrimão crivado de estilhaços de vidro e cair numa banheira de etanol absoluto. Unearthly Trance, Ramesses e Electric Wizard, do que é que estavam à espera?
Há disco e/ou amostrinhas? Por enquanto, há apenas uma incursão pelo formato vinílico 7", que podem checar aqui, e dois temas: "Erebus" e "Depravity", o primeiro dos quais foi disponibilizado no SoundCloud do BrooklynVegan.
E links, já agora? Blogue aqui e Facebook aqui.

Split Cranium

Quem são os ilustres? Aaron Turner dos Mamiffer, Greymachine, Jodis, (ex-) Twilight, House of Low Culture, Lotus Eaters, Old Man Gloom e dos defuntos ISIS (este homem cansa-me. E leva-me à bancarrota); Jussi Lehtisalo de Circle e Pharaoh Overlord; Samae Koskinen de Steel Mammoth; e o anónimo Jukka Kröger.
"Ah e tal, sou famoso e toco em bandas espetaculares"... E o que é que eu tenho a ver com isso?! Ideal para aqueles que hipersalivam com todas-as-coisas-Aaron-Turner. Porque não tem absolutamente nada que ver com todas-as-outras-coisas-Aaron-Turner. Tem, sim, muito mais que ver com uma certa e determinada súcia de finlandeses tresloucados, e, em particular, com o fixe do Jussi (ou o fisse do Juxi). Punk javardola, cheio de crostas e galhofeiro.
Há disco e/ou amostrinhas? A estreia homónima vê a luz do dia a 20 de Março, com aval da fofinha Hydra Head. "Tiny Me" e "Sceptres to Rust" podem ser auscultados e descarregados através do Bandcamp da banda.
E links, já agora? Facebook aqui.


Quem são os ilustres? Toby Driver (maudlin of the Well, Kayo Dot, Tartar Lamb, Secret Chiefs 3, ex-Gregor Samsa e Spoonion), Kevin Hufnagel (Dysrhythmia, Gorguts, Byla, Grey Division Blue (já falecidos) e mais umas coisas esquisitas), Josh Strawn (Blacklist e Religious to Damn, ambas do chill-goth-coiso-seca) e Charlie Schmid (The Diggs).
"Ah e tal, sou famoso e toco em bandas espetaculares, algumas nem por isso"... E o que é que eu tenho a ver com isso?! Com um painel tão ecléctico de músicos, só podiam resultar nisto: uma mixórdia - no melhor sentido do termo - das cenas e situações mais diversas. Vão ouvir, s.f.f.
Há disco e/ou amostrinhas? O disco de estreia, "Selenelion" de sua graça, já tinha merecido um destaquezinho aqui (também já por aqui tinha aparecido o vídeo para "Drachma"). "Selenelion" está em escuta no BrooklynVegan, sendo acompanhado por uma entrevista sucinta.
E links, já agora? MySpace aqui, Facebook aqui e Bandcamp aqui.

... mas isso não era refused?

Primeira baixa de peso do ano, segundo os meus registos. Requiescant in pace.

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