vamos aprender a tocar com os prós?... vamos a isso!

«What's up rock fans? Bob Balch from Fu Manchu here. Wanted to let you know that my site is up and running.

At you'll find HD lesson videos of me showing you how to play pretty much every song from "The Action is Go" "King of the Road" "Eatin' Dust" "California Crossing" "Start the Machine" and "We Must Obey."

I also have a lot of videos that feature gear, soloing tips, practice tips, and theory. I have tons of guest teachers too. Check out this list:

* Nick Oliveri (QOTSA, Kyuss, Mondo Generator, The Dwarves) teaching bass and guitar!!!!!!

* Brant Bjork (Fu Manchu, Kyuss, BB and the Bros, De-Con) teaching drums and guitar!!!!!!!

* Ron Emory (T.S.O.L.)

* Shane Clark (3 Inches of Blood)

* Dan Beeman (Helmet)

* Kyle Stevenson (Helmet)

* Dan Fuller (Helmet)

* Jon Karel (The Number 12 Looks Like You, Horse the Band)

* Laurent Lamont (Pelican)

* Mike Watt (Minutemen, DOS, fIREHOSE)

* Jack Gibson (Exodus)

* Hewhocannotbenamed (The Dwarves)

* Fresh Prince of Darkness (The Dwarves)

Here is a preview:

I'll be adding videos on a weekly basis. The site is real user friendly. If you want to see a video from me or another band just shoot me an email and I'll get on it! Come check it out!!!!!!


Bob Balch»

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