Na Wire de Outubro (#296):

«Australian musicians Oren Ambarchi and Marco Fusinato are the curators of an aural survey of sound art produced so far in the 21st century. 21:100:100 includes 100 pieces by as many artists in an attempt to plot the concurrence of sound with other art forms. A small sample of the ton of participants include Scott Walker, Jandek, Fennesz, Sunn 0))), John Zorn, Skaters, Akio Suzuki, Charlemagne Palestine, Sun City Girls, Sonic Youth, Pita, Phill Niblock, Annea Lockwood, Taku Sugimoto, Bernhard Günter and 85 more. The show takes place 11 October-8 November at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces in Melbourne, gertrude.org.au. Ambarchi, Fusinato and others will play a live performance at Melbourne's Federation Square on 19 October.»

Espetacular!!... Agora vamos lá a saber: quem é que me financia uma viagem à Austrália?
Mais informações aqui.

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