playlist para mais um agradável serão passado no recato do lar #1

Botch – “Japam”
Cavity – “Supercollider”
Some Girls – “Beautiful Rune”
The Dillinger Escape Plan – “43% Burnt”
Breach – “Old Ass Player”
Cave In – “Juggernaut”
Burnt By The Sun – “You Will Move”
Isis – “Deconstructing Towers”
5ive – “Burning Season”
Cable – “Wings of Hope”
Harkonen – “We’ve Come for Your Daughters”
Drowningman – “The Truly Dangerous Nature of a Man Who Doesn’t Care if He Lives or Dies”
The Judas Factor – “Beauty Mark”
Mínus – “Electra Complex”
Neurosis – “The Doorway”
Morning Again – “Stones”
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – “Bitch’s Handbag Full of Money”
The Locust – “Anything Jesus Does I Can Do Better”
Catharsis – “Sabbat”
Circle Takes the Square – “Same Shade As Concrete”
Thrones – “Senex”
Kayo Dot – “Gemini Becoming the Tripod”
Boris – “Electric”
Daughters – “Recorded Inside A Pyramid”
Khanate – “Release”

Nota: O volume deverá estar no máximo para potenciar o efeito pretendido. Hoje deu-me para a violência, não há nada a fazer.

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